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Benefits New Rooftops in NYC

A New York City rooftop isn’t a surprising place to find a superhero, but a new crop of champions is sprouting up on city buildings to combat sinister threats from large rainstorms, heat waves, and global climate change. roofs absorb heavy rains and give buildings an extra layer of insulation, which can keep indoor spaces more comfortable while increasing energy efficiency and lowering carbon footprints. What’s more, they combat the urban heat island effect and improve the quality of the air we breathe.

New Rooftops can benefit heat-vulnerable communities by reducing ambient temperatures and providing an additional layer of insulation to increase cooling efficiency in the summer, and even heating efficiency in the winter,” added Treglia. “But our project revealed that most green roofs are in Manhattan, particularly in midtown and downtown, whereas areas identified as heat-vulnerable have relatively few.

The Nature Conservancy and others can help ensure that policies and goals are based on ambitious, realistic projections and that they reach the areas that need them most.

Rooftops have incredible potential to increase the resilience of cities, contribute to the fight against climate change and improve the quality of life for people in New York and around the world.



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