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Benefits Of Flat Coating And Sealant


Roof coating and sealing are the most effective in your roof  NYC from being penetrated by water. It doesn’t allow water to store on your roof, neither does it allow it to penetrate. Even if your roof is leaking, coating and sealant make it tougher to resist water

Reflecting Heat

Coating and sealant help your roof reflect more heat, reducing the heat your roof absorbs; thereby, reducing energy costs and saving you more money.

Extend Roof Life

Typically, a flat roof TPO should last 10-20 years, but applying a coating or sealant can extend its life to 30 or more years.

Flame Resistance

Some coatings or sealants are fire-resistant. So, if your building is liable to fire or maybe, you are afraid of fire, then you should use a fire-resistant coating or sealant.

Reduce Heat And Reduce Cooling Cost

Applying an effective roof sealant on your roof reduces the heat inside your home, makes your room cooler, and reduces the funds you spend on cooling your home. This will help you if your building is located in a sunny environment.

Prevents Mold Growth

Coat and sealant prevent mold from growing on your roof. With coating and sealant in place, you need little or no maintenance on your roof. And you no longer have to worry about mold growing on your roof.

Maintain Roof Color

On average, the color of your roof fades half the time of its lifespan. So, applying a roof sealant on your roof will maintain and make the color of your roof stand out and glow.



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